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Recent Pricing

We pay you the areas best prices for all ferrous as well as Aluminum and Copper non-ferrous recyclable metals. We also offer same day service for all roll-off containers (loose metals) as well as roll back truck services (cars, tractors, etc.).

#2 Steel / SHRED$.0750/lb$150/NT
Aluminum SheetClean $.45/lbDirty $.10/lb
Aluminum RadsClean $.40/lbDirty $.30/lb
Aluminum CastClean $.40/lbDirty $.10/lb
Aluminum Wheels $.60/lb
Aluminum Cans $.40/lb
Copper RadsClean $1.60/lbDirty $1.20/lb
 Alum/Copp Rads Clean $1.30/lbDirty $1.20/lb
Bare Bright Copper Wire $2.55/lb
#1 Copper WireClean $2.50/lbDirty $1.55/lb
#2 Copper WireClean $2.45/lbDirty $.85/lb
#1 Copper Pipe $2.50/LB
#2 Copper Pipe $2.45/LB
Low Recovery Copper $.70/lb
Copper Sheet $2.35/lb
Dirty Copper Sheet $1.20/lb
Electric Motors$.25/lb 
Batteries $.17/lb Batteries with steel casing – $.15/lb