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Frequently asked questions

Non-ferrous metals are metals not susceptible to rust and are non-magnetic. This includes metals such as copper, aluminum, lead and nickel.

A ferrous metal is magnetic and is composed of iron (an element) and steel (metal alloy).

Ferrous are predominately iron based and magnetic. Non-ferrous are not iron based metals.

ARM is unable to accept the following materials; Capacitors, PCB’s, Paint Cans, Light Ballast, Oil/Oil Filters, Garbage, Trash, Household waste, Rags, Sealed Tanks/ Barrels/ Buckets, Excessive Dirt, or Other Non-Metals, Shocks, Full Gas Tanks, Tires, Radioactive Items, Lead or Lead-Based Materials and any items containing Hazardous Materials

ARM offers cash or check for payment of scrap metals.

You must be 18 years of age. If you are a minor selling scrap metal, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The seller must have the official title of the vehicle and a valid government issued photo id.

Yes at ARM we have a 11’x70’ drive-through scale with a capacity of 120,000 lbs. A digital read-out and print out shows the weights measured.

Yes, at ARM all of our scales are state certified and are regularly maintained for accuracy

ARM employees unload all customer vehicles