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    • #1 Copper Pipe——$2.45/LB



.0700/lb $140nt

#2 Steel


.0700/lb $140nt

Bare Bright Copper Wire



#1 Copper Wire Clean



Low Recovery Copper (cat 5/6)



About All Recycling Management, LLC

ll Recycling Management, LLC or “ARM” is the commercial, industrial and retail recycling industry leader in Northwest Ohio. We pay you the areas best prices for all ferrous as well as Aluminum and Copper non-ferrous recyclable metals. The friendly staff at All Recycling Management, LLC is always ready to answer your questions about the process of recycling scrap metals, what scrap metals can be recycled as well as the services we offer to our ARM customers. Metal scrap recycling is beneficial to our environment and beneficial to businesses and individuals. We pay the area’s best prices for all ferrous (scrap iron) as well as Aluminum and Copper non-ferrous recyclable metals.

Our team is committed to making recycling easy for you to recycle your scrap metal with us. We strive to create lifelong partnerships with each customer by providing honest services and guaranteeing trustworthy business practices. We also offer same day service for all roll off containers (loose metals) as well as roll back truck services (junk cars, old machinery, industrial scrap, etc.). Call us at 419-581-4205 to speak with our scrap metal recycling experts or visit our location at 10351 Allen Township Road 107. We offer our services to residen

Unacceptable Materials

ARM is unable to accept these materials:

  • Capacitors, PCB’s
  • Paint Cans
  • Oil/Oil Filter
  • Garbage, Rags
  • Sealed Tanks/ Barrels/ Buckets
  • Excessive Dirt or Other Non-Metals
  • Shocks
  • Gas Tanks
  • Tires
  • Radioactive Items
  • Lead or Lead-Based Materials
  • Any items containing Hazardous Materials

Frequently asked questions

Non-ferrous metals are metals not susceptible to rust and are non-magnetic. This includes metals such as copper, aluminum, lead and nickel.

A ferrous metal is magnetic and is composed of iron (an element) and steel (metal alloy).

Ferrous are predominately iron based and magnetic. Non-ferrous are not iron based metals.

ARM is unable to accept the following materials; Capacitors, PCB’s, Paint Cans, Light Ballast, Oil/Oil Filters, Garbage, Trash, Household waste, Rags, Sealed Tanks/ Barrels/ Buckets, Excessive Dirt, or Other Non-Metals, Shocks, Full Gas Tanks, Tires, Radioactive Items, Lead or Lead-Based Materials and any items containing Hazardous Materials

ARM offers cash or check for payment of scrap metals.

You must be 18 years of age. If you are a minor selling scrap metal, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The seller must have the official title of the vehicle and a valid government issued photo id.

Yes at ARM we have a 11’x70’ drive-through scale with a capacity of 120,000 lbs. A digital read-out and print out shows the weights measured.

Yes, at ARM all of our scales are state certified and are regularly maintained for accuracy

ARM employees unload all customer vehicles